Plumbing Estimate Birmingham AlabamaThere’s always something to do in Birmingham, AL. The cosmopolitan energy along with the historical charm of the city make it an idyllic place to live, but Birmingham has its challenges:

  • In summer, the temperatures soar with temperatures reaching over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • In winter, the city gets cold enough for snow.

With these swings in temperature, it’s essential to have reliable plumbing in your home. You need to be able to take showers in summer to freshen up (as well as having access to hot water in winter to be able to warm up!)

If you are looking for a plumbing estimate for your home in Alabama, AL, there are three key things to check for.

These points will help your plumbing job stay on track and that you understand the implications before the work begins.

1. A Summary of the Project

Get a brief outline of the project. It is important as it ensures that both you and the plumber that you are working with have a clear idea of what is included in the job. It should directly address your expectations and concerns. Plus, it’s a useful reference if there are any questions once the work has been completed.

If it is a complex project, the summary should include a breakdown of the tasks that need to be completed. The order in which you can expect to have them completed should also be included.

2. A Calculation of the Estimated Costs

Costs should be based on an accurate assessment of the requirements of the job. This is best conducted in-person where the plumber visits your home to get an understanding of the scope of the work. This will give you an estimate that is as accurate as possible, and will include:

  • Material and Supplies – you will need to discuss what fittings you want to use as well as getting costings for the non-cosmetic components
  • Labor – this is usually billed at an hourly rate, and there should be an estimate of how many hours the project will take to complete.
  • Permits – depending on the type of plumbing work, it may be necessary to pull permits. In Birmingham, AL for new construction, alterations, or additions a permit will be needed.

3. A Timeline for the Job

As a customer, you want to know how long it will take for your project to be completed. Having a clear timeline included in the estimate will help to clarify questions that might come up if the job is
delayed or falls behind schedule.

Checklist of 4 Things for Your Next Plumbing Quote

These 4 items can help avoid confusion or misunderstandings.

  1. Any permits that are needed, to show that the plumbing company has the correct permissions to be able to work on your project.
  2. Licences and accreditation, to show that the plumber is qualified for the job. In Birmingham, AL a master plumber is required to hold a qualification issued by the State of Alabama Plumbers and Gas Fitters Examination Board.
  3. Correct contact details, as your plumber needs to be easily contactable.
  4. An outline of the next steps, so that you know what action to take to get the project started.

These are the most important areas that should be carefully covered in a plumbing estimate. They include a summary of the scope of the work, the costs that will be incurred and the timeline that the plumber should follow.

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