Fall in Alabama starts to bring cooler temperatures, and with it, beautiful color-changing leaves. As all the elements of autumn fall into place, you want to make sure your home is prepared; and that includes your Heating and Air system. When it comes to heating and air conditioning service in Birmingham, you do not want to have to make a call for emergency repair. Take the time to put these tips into place so you can avoid costly repairs by the time winter arrives.

Tips to Prepare Your HVAC System for Fall

Schedule Maintenance Checkup

One key item to have done each year is to have a regular maintenance check on your Heating and Air system. This helps you to prevent costly repairs if something does happen to your system. By having a professional HVAC company such as Hemphill Services to come out and inspect your HVAC system, you can prevent having issues with your system when fall and winter arrive.

Change Filters

One key factor of preparing your system is to change out the filters in your HVAC or your furnace. When the heat is turned on, it can send a burning smell throughout your home if they are not clean. Also, it can cause the system to have problems functioning correctly as the dirty filters will hinder the unit doing its job.

Check for Leaks

Don’t forget to check your home and system for air leaks. If you notice there’s a draft around doors or windows, those need to be sealed properly. This can cause an increase in your electric bill if you’re trying to warm your home and the air is seeping outside.

Hemphill Services is a professional HVAC company who has many years of dealing with the Alabama falls and winters. Call or visit Hemphill Services today to see how they can help you make sure your HVAC system is ready for fall before cooler temps set in.