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Heating and Air Contractor for Businesses in Birmingham, Alabama

Hemphill Services works with businesses throughout the Birmingham, Alabama area to service, repair, install and maintain heating and air conditioning systems. We are certified and trained to service and install today’s high-efficiency commercial cooling and heating systems. Hemphill installs Trane – the most reliable system in the industry.birmingham commercial heating and ac contractor

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are all important in creating a comfortable environment for your employees and customers. Many commercial property owners don’t pay attention to their heating and cooling system until it’s not working properly, and then they often find themselves scrambling to find a heating and cooling repair service to fix their issue. These quick fixes are usually just that, a quick fix and not a solution to the larger problem, getting the spider web, but not the spider. Over time, the expense of these “band-aid” of repairs and emergency calls can get expensive and frustrating.

At Hemphill Services, we believe it is best to have a commercial heating and cooling contractor you know and trust, who can service your heating and cooling system and respond to emergency calls. Establishing a relationship with a heating and air company before the problem arises is recommended.

If you are looking for a commercial heating and air contractor for your building or office, here are some factors you should consider:

Licensed and Insured

Heating and cooling systems are complex, and repair or installation should be handled by professional heating and cooling technicians. Always be certain the heating and air company you choose is trained and qualified by looking at the company’s certifications.

Another important consideration is to make sure the heating and cooling contractor is properly insured. When a technician works on commercial property, there is a significantly higher amount of risk compared to working on a residential property, and you want to avoid any liability.

Rates and Fees

As a business owner, budget is an important consideration in your heating and cooling repair or installation project. We recommend shopping around and asking for estimates, and then comparing prices. It is risky, however, to base your final decision on pricing alone, however. Instead, ask for references, take a look at online reviews, and weigh whether the price quoted is in line with the quality of work the contractor provides. It’s better to pay more for quality workmanship and materials if the results are a more efficient and safer heating and cooling system.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service and Repair | Birmingham, Alabama

Heating and cooling systems need regular service, maintenance, and cleaning to ensure maximum efficiency, reliability, and energy efficiency. Try not to wait until something is broken or not working properly. Instead, maintain a regular servicing schedule to give your system better results, continual comfort, and also save money in energy bills. Hemphill Services can service, clean, and maintain your heating and ac system to ensure years of value and hassle-free comfort after the installation is complete or on existing heating and cooling equipment.

Commercial Air Conditioner Installation | Birmingham, Alabama

In the end, quality commercial heating and air conditioning for businesses and offices is defined by many things, but if the system is not installed properly, the likelihood of experiencing problems later is increased. The installation and service technicians at Hemphill Services maintain a complete, up-to-date understanding with on-going training on today’s current installation and repair techniques and procedures. At Hemphill, we take pride in getting the job done right, with respect for your business property, timeline, and price. We also understand the importance of not interfering with your company’s work. We strive to keep your work area clean and comfortable!

At Hemphill, we offer the most economical and durable air conditioning and heating products on the market to efficiently heat and cool your business or office for years to come.

Give Hemphill Services a call to discuss the installation, repair, or maintenance of your heating and cooling system, and keep your business running comfortably and efficiently all year-round.