home cooling tips

Summer is in full swing in Alabama, and that means beautiful days filled with sunshine and heat. It gets quite hot during the Birmingham summers and learning ways to keep your home cool is a must. Here are a few tips to keep your home cool and comfortable this year.

Close Curtains and Doors

While it’s great to let the sunshine in, try closing the curtains when it gets to be later in the day. This will help you to block out some of the heat coming in through the windows and keep the cool air you have in the home. Also, if there are screen doors or doors to rooms that are not utilized very often, be sure to keep them closed during the day. It helps to avoid the loss of cool air into areas where it’s not needed.

Run Fans

It is a good idea to keep ceiling fans or other box fans running, as well. This helps to keep the air moving and circulating so that it feels cooler without having to drop your thermostat too low.

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HVAC Tune-up

Be sure to have your local Birmingham HVAC services team come out and inspect your AC unit before something major happens. You want to know that everything is running smoothly and that repairs are kept to a minimum.

AC Repairs

If you find that your AC unit doesn’t seem to be working as it should, don’t hesitate to contact your local AC repair technician. If you let something small go for too long, you may end up with a replacement instead of a small repair bill.

Change Out Filters

Be sure that you’ve changed out all your air filters regularly to help your AC unit work as efficiently as possible. A clogged air filter can make your system run harder, decreasing its efficiency and life.

Whether you need a regular routine maintenance check or you need more involved air conditioning repair services, Hemphill Services has got you covered. Contact them today to find out more about keeping cool this summer.