Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner Tips

Eliminating the use an air conditioning unit is practically impossible living in the humid climate of Alabama. But knowing how to use your air conditioner wisely and making some effort towards efficiency can help you save money while keeping your home comfortable. Spring is the perfect time of the year to ensure your equipment is running properly and to make small changes around the home that can improve cooling efficiency.

energy efficient air conditioning

Regular maintenance.

When was the last time you had your air conditioning unit serviced for maintenance? Annual air conditioning unit maintenance is important to energy-efficiency. Contact Hemphill Services and schedule a maintenance service call before the heat of the summer.

Is it time to replace?

If you’re unit is more than 10 years old, a newer, more efficient model could cut your energy consumption in half. That’s the kind of investment that really pays off!

Maintain outdoor cleanliness.

It’s important to clear away any limbs, shrubbery, or debris from the outside unit and keep the area clean. This allows for increased air circulation and more efficient cooling.

Shade your unit.

You can shade your unit to increase efficiency, but be sure not to block air circulation. Planting native, deciduous trees to shade your home and your unit can really help cool a home by using less energy.

Check air ducts.

Ensure your air ducts are clear and check for any drafts. If you do have drafts, insulating them will decrease cool air loss and increase efficiency.

Install programmable thermostats.

Replacing your old thermostats with new programmable thermostat models can make a significant impact on your home’s cooling efficiency. This small investment is well worth it, allowingbryant housewise themostat you to set the temp higher at night or while you’re away and have it begin to cool just before you come home. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t turn your unit off completely or more than 6-8 higher at night or while away, as this will cause your unit to have to work harder to cool the home when turned back on or down. This can be very inefficient.

Close off unused rooms.

Close air conditioning vents and doors in rooms not often used, and don’t forget those in bathrooms and laundry rooms. However, it’s best not close any vents near thermostats, as this can cause inaccurate readings and unnecessary, energy-draining running.

We at Hemphill Services in Birmingham, Alabama recommend having your air conditioning unit serviced this spring, before temperatures rise and you are running your unit full-time. Or if you’re considering a replacing your old unit, now is the time to do so. Give us a call at (205) 229-2090 and we’ll be able to assist you in cooling your home in the most efficient way possible.