Spring and Summer is a Great Time of Year for Home Maintenance and Improvement

home maintenance

Your home will greatly benefit from a tune-up after the cold winter months. Hemphill Services in Birmingham, Alabama, has come up with a handy home-maintenance checklist to help you keep your home in tip-top shape, year after year.

Inspect your home’s exterior

Take a good look at your home’s brickwork, siding, or stucco. Be on the lookout for spalling, a chipping or falling away of the brick’s face which exposes the brick’s interior to moisture, resulting in crumbling and deterioration. Also check for deteriorated mortar which typically occurs on older brick homes. If you find water has penetrated the brick, consider applying a brick sealant.

If your brick has efflorescence – unsightly white deposits resulting from soluble salts left behind during water evaporation, you can remove it by dry brushing in warm, dry weather.

If you find rotted wood siding or trim, replace it and repaint. Typically, you’ll need to paint the entire section to ensure color consistency.

1. Inspect and clean gutters and downspouts

Right now is a perfect time of year to inspect, clean, and ensure your gutters and downspouts are in proper working order. Always make sure your home’s gutters and downspouts direct water away from the house, and never towards it. It’s important gutters remain flush to the roof, with no dips or sags.
For safety reasons, it’s best to hire a professional to clean your gutters, especially if you live in a two-story home.

2. Check your attic ventilation

Check your attic for proper ventilation by looking for obstructions over vents, damaged soffit panels, and water spots on insulation. Maintaining good attic airflow will help you save money when it comes to cooling costs.

3. Service your heat/air unit

This is a great time to have your air conditioner unit inspected, serviced, and cleaned by a heating and cooling professional before the brunt of summer heat arrives. It is recommended you do this once per year to ensure your unit operates at peak energy efficiency and is ready to cool your house during the hot Alabama summer.

4. Replace batteries and filters

Don’t forget to replace batteries on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Check and change your filters if necessary and clean the air purifier. It’s also a good idea to have your ducts professionally cleaned to ensure healthy indoor air quality and furnace efficiency.

5. Weatherproof windows and doors

Now is the time to remove interior storm windows found in older homes and replace the screens. You can save money on utility bills by using blinds on windows facing south and west. Examine caulk lines and putty around exterior doors and windows and make sure weather stripping is sealing properly.

6. Don’t forget the sump pump

If your home has a sump pump, inspect it to ensure it is operating correctly. We often recommend installing a battery backup pump. The backup pump floats above the original pump and will kick on if your power goes out. An alarm will sound, notifying you that the backup pump is working. This small investment could potentially save you thousands in water damage.

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