When you think of your water heater, you probably envision a big round tank in the garage, basement or another area of your home that feeds hot water throughout your home as you have need for it. In recent time, however, a revolution in the water heater design has occurred. It is the arrival of tankless water heaters. Perhaps you’ve heard of them before or maybe you’re just hearing about it now or when you’ve contacted a plumbing service in Birmingham to repair or replace your current system. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to a tankless system vs. the traditional water heater.

Water Heater

What is Tankless?

In basic terms, this new type of water heater uses a system that rapidly heats the water on-demand to send throughout your home instead of storing it in a large tank, where water can become stagnant over the years. This system will typically use either gas or electricity to perform its duties and has been developed to be energy efficient when in use.

When you have a traditional water heater, it stores water in a tank that is heated and on-hold until you need it. These systems are not as efficient, because they continually heat the water, while tankless only heat the water as you need it. Also, the water can sit in traditional water tanks for a long, long time and isn’t fresh water as with tankless systems.

So, Which One is Better?

The first benefit of the tankless is that it will occupy much less space than your traditional water heater system does. It is also quite energy efficient, which means more money in your pocket when your power bill arrives; however, a tankless system will cost more initially to install it than your traditional tank system would up front.

The tankless systems also have a longer life expectancy than your typical tank water heater system does. There’s also no worry of running out of hot water as the tankless system will be on-demand. When you need hot water, you’ve got it!

If you’re in the market for a new water heater system, contact Hemphill Services to learn all the pros and cons of each system. This professional plumbing service in Birmingham will assist you in picking the perfect water heater for your home.