The temperatures are dropping and it’s important to know how to protect your home and your plumbing system when the temperatures go even lower. Freezing temperatures outside can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. Your pipes could freeze and that could result in a busted or leaking pipe. To protect your home and your plumbing system, there are a few things you should do to help prevent major plumbing problems in Birmingham.

Outside of the Home

When you are preparing your home for cold temperatures, one of the first places you should prepare is the outside of the home. If you leave your hosepipes connected to the house year-round, it’s important to either install a frost-proof spigot or remove the hose from the outside spigot. Did you realize that a frozen water hose can cause the pipes inside your home to burst? A frozen water hose can build up pressure inside the hose which then is spread throughout the home. It’s very important to make sure that your hosepipes are either disconnected or have the proper connection when temperatures are dropping.

Interior of the Home

When temperatures fall at least several degrees below freezing, that’s when you’re in danger of your pipes freezing and possibly bursting. You’ve probably already heard the trick of leaving water dripping to help keep the water from freezing inside your pipes. There are other tips you can use as well to prevent the need for an emergency plumbing repair in Birmingham, Alabama. Make sure that any exposed piping such as in crawl spaces, basements, or under cabinets is well-insulated. This will protect your pipes from freezing temperatures when they occur. You can find fairly inexpensive insulation at your local hardware store to protect any exposed pipes.
If you want to make sure you’re prepared for the winter ahead, call Hemphill Services. Hemphill is a highly trained and experienced plumbing company in Birmingham, Alabama, and they will assist you in preparing your plumbing system for the cold winter ahead.